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Justin writes...

Hello Greg,
Just a musing/ question based on a post of Matt's

<Matt writes...

3. Aside from Hudson, were any of True and "Kermit"'s rookery parents still alive as of 997?
Thanks, Greg!
Greg responds...

3. Potentially.>

My question is this...
Hudson hatched in 878. So as of 997 most of the surviving members of his rookery would be pushing the bio equivalent of 60.

So it stands to reason that the 898 and potentially the 918 rookery generations may also have had eggs lain in 968 resulting in the 978 gen.

Take the Wyvern Cell as our place holder here. We see Second and Sacrifice ( whom we can assume they had there 2nd egg in the 998 rookery as there is a garg on Avalon who looks almost identical to Second)

So again, it stands to reason they wouldn't start breeding on Sacrifice's 2nd heat.
Same I suppose goes for Chomp and Chaw, they most likely had a kid in the 978 and 998 rookeries too.

Just a thought

Greg responds...

I'm afraid I'm not following you.

Response recorded on May 05, 2011