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Algernon writes...

Hey Greg,

Sorry I haven't been keeping up with the "Young Justice" reviews. Work's been keeping me busy and frankly, there's only so many ways I can say "this is freaking awesome" before it gets old. Rest assured I've thouroghly enjoyed "Infiltrator","Denial" and "Downtime" and am eagerly awaiting more. Quick question though.

1) In "Downtime", Garth and Tula say that they haven't seen Kaldur in about two months. If he hasn't been back to Atlantis since he joined the team, then where has he been living?

Greg responds...

1. He's been to Atlantis. Just not Poseidonis. (I mean, think about it. That's like me saying I haven't been to Washington D.C. in two months, and you asking, "Gee, then if you haven't been living in the United States then where have you been living?" But I never said United States. I said Washington D.C. They don't equate.)

In any case, he lives at his HOME, which obviously is in a different Atlantean City. For more info on that, check out issue #5 of the Young Justice companion comic.

Response recorded on May 05, 2011