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Matheus A. Maskalenka writes...

Hey there Greg.

Just watched the episode "Downtime" and I think that episode just redeemed an awful lpt of Aquaman's famous (Albeit unfair) uselesness.

What I have to ask is, is the team's name Young Justice, in the show? I looked into quite a lot of responses and didn't see a question like this so I thought I'd ask.

Greg responds...

No. Young Justice is the title of the series, NOT the name of the Team, which is simply called "The Team." As it's not a public team, there's no need for a fancy name. Besides, we figured all those folks who are still mad at us because we're not doing the comic book Young Justice might appreciate that we weren't compounding the mistake by referring to the Team by this "unearned" name. Though they probably won't appreciate it.

Response recorded on May 16, 2011