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Javier writes...

Hi Greg, im greatly enjoying Young Justice. The character design departament surprise me every episode, Black Manta never looked more menacing and bad ass. Atlantis looked beautiful and the magic spells looked great, but im really dissapointed becouse compared to other characters like Mera and Aqualad, the king Aquaman seems to be a little weak if he only has his classic powers. Is Aquaman capable of using magic like the other Atlanteans ? thanks a lot for a such a great series, keep it up

Greg responds...

Aquaman has no magic, though he does have a version of his classic fish-telepathy and he's WAY stronger than most other Atlanteans.

Also, keep in mind, we were focusing on Mera and a few of her TOP pupils at the Conservatory. Most Atlanteans have no magic powers, as I'm sure you noticed.

Response recorded on May 16, 2011