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Pumpkin Bomb writes...

Hi Greg,

Loved "Downtime." One thing I've noticed about other episodes is how dark they are visually, as in some cases it's pretty hard for me to make out some of the actions of characters in whatever warehouse or jungle they're fighting in. But there were lots of great undersea colors that made this episode gorgeous to look at.

Had a quick question about the Atlantian language used in the episode--we get that segment of Aquaman greeting Kaldur in it, but then it's pretty much all English after, albeit in that very formal tone. I know the practical side is that doing an entire episode in a made up language with subtitles would be just plain weird, but to your mind were all characters speaking Atlantian to each other during the underwater sequences? Or is English somehow a fallback language, that friends use with each other after formal greetings?

Greg responds...

They were all speaking Atlantean throughout the Atlantean sequences in the episode - except for Manta, his men, Superman and the Justice League Computer - but thanks to Lori's translation spell, all we heard was English.

Response recorded on May 16, 2011