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Becky writes...

First off, I LOVED "Bereft"; probably my favorite episode so far. I have to give a special thanks for the innuendos and whatnot, I was scared this show would get castrated by censors or something.

Anyway, I happened to notice that when M'gann restored Superboy's memory, she conveniently left out the part where he hates telepathy and having other people in his head, which was biggest mental obstacle between them. To make this even more disconcerting is that Superboy will never know it because he only remembers what she wants him to.

So... will this ever be addressed? M'gann has so much potential as a character since we now see she bases herself completely off of a television cheerleader. The implications are interesting, since we all know that people in tv are unrealistic and wouldn't exist in real life. Will M'gann ever learn to become her own person?

Greg responds...

Please. It's NOT like you saw EVERY IMAGE from Superboy's memory. So why assume that just because we didn't show THAT scene that it wasn't restored.

Besides, you seem to be assuming that she PUT those memories back in his head. She didn't. She just removed the blockage that Psimon had put in. Memories came flooding back for both of them, and that's what you saw. But again, we'd have been there for hours if we showed ALL his memories.

Don't twist things to make this nefarious.


Response recorded on May 18, 2011