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Arthur Jr. writes...

Hey Greg, I have been enjoying "Young Justice so far. The Light (who are Project Cadmus' Board of Directors) seem to be the main villains so far orchestrating some of the villains on their side to carry out missions for their research. When on Cartoon Network Video and/or your recent responses, they had revealed the voice actors for the as-yet-unidentified members of the Light. It was stated by both you and the credits that Miguel Ferrer voices L-1, Oded Fehr voices L-2, Mark Rolston voices L-3, Roger Craig Smith voices L-5, and Nolan North voices L-6. That leaves the voice work for L-4 and L-7 in the upcoming episodes. One of the latter two sounded like a female when Psimon was reporting to them at the end of "Bereft."

In "Downtime," the beginning of the episode featured a simulation between Young Justice and Clayface with Batman jumping in to taser Clayface. Unfortunately, it wasn't stated which version of Clayface was used. I don't think it's the 3rd Clayface or the 4th Clayface. Do you know which version it was?

I recall that in the comics, Superman's DNA wasn't the only DNA used to create Superboy. It was mentioned that the other person whose DNA was used to create Superboy was Lex Luthor. Will there be any mentionings and/or discoveries of this in later episodes?

Greg responds...

L-4 is Marina Sirtis.

That wasn't a simulation with Clayface. That was an actual battle. And it's Hagen.

Response recorded on May 25, 2011