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Tim writes...

Hey Greg, I have an awkward question for you. I was wondering just how "risque" you guys are allowed to go on Young Justice. In the pilot when Miss Martian is shapeshifting and turns says boys are harder to mimmick, Robin says "You won't fool anyone with THOSE." Embarrassed, she slinks down into her seat, ignoring the comment about her, uh, "lung area."

I ask mainly because other shows on Cartoon Network such as Total Drama Island, Adventure Time, and Clone Wars have a notice they are TV-PG before they start. I looked it up and PG-TV covers

The TV-PG rating may be accompanied by one or more of the following sub-ratings:

* D for some suggestive dialogue
* L for infrequent coarse language
* S for mild sexual content
* V for moderate violence

I then thought that with Superboy and Miss Martian's budding relationship, and them both living alone at the base, with only Red Tornado as an occasional visitor, we may get some implied humorous "hijinks" later down the road.

Thanks for your time!

Greg responds...

I think you misinterpreted the line. "Those" referred to the two transformations, i.e. Robin and Kid Flash.

But a double entendre is a double entendre - if only in the mind of the viewer.

Response recorded on July 19, 2011