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Michael Wahrer writes...

Hi Greg. I just had a few questions about the time line and one that’s a little more thematic.
1. When was the Justice Society active?
2. We’ve seen Doctor Fate was a member is it safe to assume that Jay from the episode downtime was as well?
3. The League was founded seven years ago how long of a gap was there between the disbanding of the Justice Society and the founding of the League?
4. How long have Superman and Batman been active as heroes. I ask because you’ve stated they’re in their early thirties and I was wondering what age they where when they started fighting crime.
5. Young Justice are essentially child soldiers something that was commented on by the light during the closing of the pilot. My question is do you plan to deal with the implications that carries or is it just an unintentional subtext that came out of writing a show about young heroes?

Greg responds...

1. 1940-1951. Although, there were years during the war when the Society temporarily expanded to become the All-Star Squadron.

2. Yes.

3. Do the math.

4. Twelve years ago for Superman. Eleven for Batman. Each was 21 the year he started.

5. Both.

Response recorded on July 25, 2011