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Anonymous writes...

What was the reasoning behind Roy naming himself Red Arrow? He seemed to be wanting to distance himself from Green Arrow & the League, yet Red Arrow is a closer to Green Arrow's name than Speedy is.

So my question is why didn't he just keep the Speedy name, or name himself Arsenal, or you guys make up a new name for him to go by?

Greg responds...

How does "Arsenal" make any sense in this context? And, frankly, how did "Speedy" make any sense ever? (Okay, okay, I know the answer to the latter. But in a world with Kid Flash, it just smacks of both immaturity and confusion at this point.)

And I don't think Roy wants to 'distance' himself from Green Arrow as much as he wants to be treated as an EQUAL. Hence, Red Arrow.

Response recorded on July 25, 2011