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Ankit09 writes...

Hi Greg, I want to ask some questions of Young Justice.
1. In Kirby's original DNA Project stories (the origin of Cadmus) Guardian is a clone of the original Jim Harper who was killed in action-- a creation of "The Project". There is a reference to this during "Fireworks" when Dubbilex refers to Guardian as "brother", a term he usually reserves for other genomorphs. So is Guardian a clone.
2. Mark Desmond become "Blockbuster" by Blockbuster serum developed through a combination of genetic research and strange blue ice crystals by Cadmus. Is he a "Genomorph".
3. Mammoth was infected with Kobra Venom(combination of Blockbuster serum & Venom) and was permanently transformed into a super strong monstrosity. Is he a "Genomorph".
4 I saw all YJ 9 episodes, when is the next episode realeasing.
5 Are new characters joining YJ core team. I would like to see Wonder Girl, BeastBoy, Zatana and Raven in the team or at least in the show.

Greg responds...


2. No.

3. No.

4. Not sure.

5. "SPOILER REQUEST. NO COMMENT." Except, I've already admitted that a couple more characters will join the Team by the end of the season.

Response recorded on August 01, 2011