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Carter writes...

The YJ theme song and the visuals are very cool. Were there other versions of either the theme or the visuals that you had? What sparked the decision to have scenes from an episode in their respective appearance?

Also, the flashback in "Bereft" hinted that Megan might've picked up her catchphrase from a TV show. Or was she perhaps on the show? ;)

Is Aqualad the only Atlantean to use Water Bearers, or is it part of his maturity as an adult, like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly? The Queen didn't use Bearers at all.

What sparked the choice to have the Atlantean speak in "Downtime," and who created it? Was it hard for the voice actors to do?

Greg responds...

It was Brandon's idea to use scenes from the episode in the middle of the main title. I was leery of the idea, as I don't like spoilers much, but Brandon and our editor Jho Reyes always manage to find great images that tease without spoiling.

Aqualad is considerably less advanced magically than Mera. He requires the tool; she does not.

The Atlantean was a challenge for everyone. But I think it turned out well. The idea was mine, in keeping with what Brandon and I have done with the REALITY of foreign languages in the series as a whole. I figured it should be some variation on Ancient Greek, and contacted Aris Katsaris, a Greek Gargoyle fan in order to get his help for both the translations and the transliterations. Figure that anything we got wrong... is because Atlantean is an unknown dialect of Ancient Greek.

Response recorded on August 10, 2011