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SilverShadow writes...

In regards to Young Justice:

I have looked and so far I haven't found the questions I'm going to ask in the other archives. I apologize in advance if you have answered them. So here we go:

1) Is Green Arrow and Black Canary 'together' in this version?
2) And why do Megan's eyes sometimes glow different colors? Sometime they are red, and others it is white, or even green. Does each color signify something important?

PS: Megan is my absolute favorite character and I love the way you portray her. I do my best to ignore all the Megan haters out there.

Greg responds...

1. They're a couple, yes.

2. Red? Really? Don't recall that. She tends to glow green when exerting herself psychically or telekinetically in more than a casual way.

Response recorded on August 17, 2011