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Irish Phantom writes...

Hi ^_^
I was wondering about Fox's tattio. I was wondering the 5w's
why did she get the tattio and why on her face? what made her get it? a suggestion from a friend or wanting a deeper sense of conncetion between her and her animal counter-part? when did she get it? where was her tattio done? who did it for her? a friend or a tattio artist? However I was also wondering if her parents knew that she was getting a tattio or found out when she walking in the door with a Fox head on her face. Also how did Fox's dad take the news/sight of his daughter with a Fox head tattio on her face? Last two questions that I want to ask about Fox and her tattio are what made her get the tattio in Blue? is Blue her fav. colour?
Sincerly: Irish Phantom

Greg responds...

I'm going to demure from answering most of this... some because I believe it's best to leave the answers to each viewer/reader's interpretation, some because the answers would be spoilers and some because, to be honest, I just haven't figured out the answers at this point.

The one I will answer is to confirm her folks found out about the tattoo after the fact.

Response recorded on August 19, 2011