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Greg Bishansky writes...

What exactly were Gruoch's feelings about gargoyles? She never seemed comfortable around them. But the only gargoyle we really saw her around was Demona, and that discomfort was understandable and then finally justified. But how did she feel about the rest of the species?

Her last words to Demona "search until you and your kind are but a nightmare memory" are really, really harsh. Understandable especially given the context of what took place, and justifiable towards Demona. Maybe the rest too, considering they still followed her in abandoning Moray. But, it's still a harsh and pretty all encompassing statement. I was watching CoS again, and that line really struck me. Do you know why it struck me? Because in that moment, for a split second, I agreed with her. I say this knowing what I know about how noble most of them are. And then I was a little mortified that I agreed, even in the face of an extreme situation like that.

So, Demona aside, before the "death of Macbeth" how did she feel about gargoyles?

Greg responds...

" She never seemed comfortable around them. " seems about right. But she was also never comfortable that Macbeth traded his youth. I don't think she was against them until the end. As I've stated before, I think "tolerance" isn't enough. But she tolerated them.

Response recorded on August 29, 2011