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Anonymous writes...

1)Would Brooklyn ever of visited New Olympus in his Timdancing

2)If so, what time would he of visited them in??

3)Out of all your proposed spin-offs, which one came closets to being
put in production?? Second closest?? Third?? Not even close at all??

Greg responds...

1. Maybe.

2. Don't know.

3. Well, doing more Gargoyles actually happened: GOLIATH
CHRONICLES. So that would be #1. Second would have to be BAD GUYS,
which we developed extensively and did an animatic reel. Third would
probably be DARK AGES, which we did a short art pitch on and actually
pitched to CBS. Fourth, would probably be a tie between NEW OLYMPIANS,
which we did another art pitch on (for internal purposes) and PENDRAGON,
which I pitched verbally and internally and sparked some brief interest.
Sixth would be FUTURE TENSE, which CBS expressed a brief interest in.
Seventh would be TIMEDANCER, which I basically came up with too late in
the game. It was never seriously considered.

(GDW / 4-29-98)

Response recorded on April 29, 1998