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DC HERO writes...

Hey Greg has it been some time and got a lot of questions. 1. Since Kobra is in this universe does that mean a chance of Checkmate existing in this universe. 2. Has Superman and Batman worked together before the League. 3. Who was that Miss Martian look-a-like in the front of the classroom. Did you run out of character models, an animation mistake, or was that supposed to be the actor from "Hello, Megan". 4. I'm surprised Superboy showed restraint from fighting Mal Duncan just because of Miss Martian. Just really telling me their relationship has gone very far. 5. I just want to comment on the description of episode 11. Does Batman know what he's doing by sending Miss M and Superboy to island of supercriminals. Sure it'll give them some time as if they didn't have enough but isn't that a little too much for teenagers.

Greg responds...



3. Just another girl.

4. Was that a question?

5. What island?

Response recorded on September 16, 2011