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Liam writes...

1) Is Mercy an android or a cyborg?

2) How did this version of Clayface get his powers? In Batman the animated series, he had a pretty tragic origin, in which he was disfigured, hooked on a special drug, and then forced to have an overdose which transformed him into Clayface. Was his origin on Earth 16 anything like this?

3) How old is Lex Luthor? How old is Ra's al Ghul?

4) Could Brick breathe beneath that foam stuff that Roy shot at him? If so, was he arrested and convicted?

5) Where is Metropolis located? Where is Star City located?

6) Did the Hook kill Boston Brand in this universe?

7) Did Bane spend most of his life in prison, like in the comics?

8) Is L-7 an existing supervillain in the comics?

9) OK, this is a minor detail, but it's kind of distracting. Where did Roy get his Red Arrow suit from?

10) What is the relationship between Marvin and Wendy? Friends? Relatives? Boyfriend and girlfriend? Are they even close?

Greg responds...

1. Cyborg.

2. See issue #11-12 of the comic.

3. Lex is 46.

3b. Ra's is between 600 and 700 years old. (I haven't fixed an exact birth date for him.)


5. Metropolis is on the East Coast. Star City is on the West Coast.



8. Yes.

9. Red-Arrow-Costumes-R-Us

10. Best platonic friends.

Response recorded on September 20, 2011