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hallofjustice writes...

Me again Greg, I've got a few Batman: The Brave and the Bold questions:

1.Why did you let Jeff Glen Bennett reprised his role as Abra Kadabra from B:TBATB onto YJ?

2.Is Captain Atom your favourite male DC hero?

3.Have you heard that James Tucker, Michael Jelenic and JM DeMatteis have all expressed interests in doing a Justice League: International animated series spin-off?

4.Out of all the Justice League: International members I've listed, who do you think is the funniest and why? Green Lantern/Guy Gardner, Booster Gold, Blue Beetle/Jaime Reyes, Aquaman.

Greg responds...

1. I didn't know Jeff played Abra on B&B. But it's a non-issue to me.

2. Probably. Though there are a ton I love.

3. No, haven't heard that. But I'm sure it would be great.

4. If we're talking about B&B, I haven't seen any episodes with the JLI.

Response recorded on September 22, 2011