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DC HERO writes...

Really quick question hope you it doesn't count as a spoiler. 1. Will Aqualad use any kind of modern weaponry? I asked a question like this a few months back after watching the Green Latern trailer. Basically will he use aforementioned weapons or do Atlanteans stick to ancient weapons and sorcery. 2. Didn't plan on this but who do you like more Aquaman or Namor? I'm surprised no one mentioned the fact that The Teams reason for forming is practically ecatepec to the reason the outsiders were formed. They were formed by Batman to do covert missions for the League so none of the Leaguers had to damage their publicity or popularity.

Greg responds...

1. He'll mostly stick to his water-bearers. Mostly.

2. I like both characters. Honestly.

Response recorded on September 29, 2011