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Chaz! writes...

sorry, after watching "Targets" it reminded me of a few other questions I have.
1 does Bruce commute from Gotham to Metropolis every day or was there a specific reason he was hanging out there in "schooled"?
2 another city question, Do Philadelphia and New York exist on Earth 16 or have Metropolis & Gotham replaced them?
3 is Mercy a cyborg or an android.

Greg responds...

1. He has offices all over the world. His primary office is, of course, in Gotham. So, no, no commuting. And I'm sure there was a specific reason he was in Metropolis that day.

2. All four cities you named exist. We've seen Gotham (101), Metropolis (105) and Philadelphia (106) already. New York will also appear this season.

3. ASKED AND ANSWERED... but since it's one-word: CYBORG.

Response recorded on September 30, 2011