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Anonymous writes...

1. Why did sportsmaster told aqualad about a mole?

2. Why didn't superboy recognized Snapper Carr?

3. Does Snapper Carr have any superpowers?

4. Does Snapper Carr lives in Rhode Island?

5. Can any of the flashes with or without special equiqment run fast enough to travel through time?

6. Has Sinestro betrayed the Green Lantern Corps yet?

7. Was Jim Corrigan the host of the Spectre and is he still the Spectre's host?

8. Who are the people that knows batman secret identity?

9. What are Superman's powers on Earth 16?

10. Why is Superboy and Miss Martian going to school?

Greg responds...

1. Aqualad's wondering the same thing.

2. In his vision, Snapper was a teenager. Now, Lucas Carr is an adult. Superboy just didn't make the connection.

3. No. Do you?

4. Yes.

5. No.

6. No comment.

7. No comment.

8. Bruce Wayne, Alfred Pennyworth, Dick Grayson, Clark Kent, Princess Diana, Ra's al Ghul and perhaps a small handful of others that I don't feel like revealing right now.

9. Flight, Strength, enhanced Invulnerability, Heat Vision, telescopic vision, microscopic vision, X-Ray vision, infrared vision, super hearing, enhanced speed. That's pretty much it. No super-breath. No super-hypnosis.

10. Teenagers (of their biological age) have to go to school, and their guardians feel its healthy for them to socialize with real kids and learn the same subjects.

Response recorded on October 04, 2011