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Anonymous writes...

Hey Greg, just curious: the folks who did Batman: the Animated Series have often said that if they could go back and change any one thing about any of their episodes, it would be to make Mr. Freeze's tears turn into snowflakes in "Heart of Ice"

My question now is this: if you could go back and change any one thing about one of your Gargoyles episodes, what would it be, and why?

Greg responds...

Two things, both of which I've mentioned before.

1. The Pack should have successfully killed Elisa, Goliath, Angela and Bronx in the Sphinx, but they don't die because Anubis has been bound.

2. Cu Chullain's armor and mummified corpse should have been inside the barrow where Elisa, Angela and Goliath were being held by Banshee.

Response recorded on October 04, 2011