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Megan writes...

I appreciate Young Justice for all of it's detail and consider it a classic in the making. I just have a few questions.

1. How old is Cheshire?

2. How old is Paula Crock?

3. How old is Sportsmaster?

4. How far along pregnant (in months) was Mera in Episode 8?

5. (Joke) Does Megan watch classic TV because reception from Earth to Mars takes a long time?

6. Is Billy Batson 10 years old in this version? How long has Captain Marvel been part of the Justice League? Does the League know his real age?

7. Kaldur quit the Conservatory of Sorcery to become Aqualad but does that mean he's not getting any type of schooling? Or are they done with required Schooling at age 14 when the join the military?

8. Does Black Canary wear a wig in this version or dye her hair blond?

9. Artemis is a Sophomore like Wally, correct?

10. Robin is in 8th or 9th grade?

11. Red Arrow graduated from High School or is he a Senior? If he graduated is he going to Collage at all? Taking a year off? Have a job? Getting financial help from Green Arrow?

12. Miss Martian and Superboy are both Juniors correct?

13. Is 'Wolf' an original character or is he based on an established DC character? (I'll understand if this is Spoilers)

Thank you very much for your time. Keep up the great work! I'm glad yours and Brandon's show is finally back on air!

Greg responds...

1. Nineteen.

2. Forty-eight. (She was born the same year as M'gann!)

3. Fifty-five.

4. Not very. Her due date is February.

5. She's been watching for decades.

6a. Yes.

6b. Two years.


7. The latter.

8. NO COMMENT. Not because it's a spoiler, but because I think it would be very ungentlemanly for me to respond.

9. Yes.

10. 9th.

11. Graduated a month before our series premiered. He's taking a year off to focus on his super-heroic career. He doesn't need financial help from G.A. In fact, he has more money than G.A.

12. Correct.

13. Both.

14. THANKS!!

Response recorded on October 14, 2011