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lLight writes...

1.In “Drop Zone”, how and when did Miss Martian plant a bomb in Sportsmaster’s helicopter? Was it actually Robin?
2.In “Denial”, the witch boy claimed that Wally had zero affinity for Magic. How was his body compatible with The Helmet, then? Can you please elaborate on this?
3.In “Targets”, Cheshire was arrested and locked up. She then escaped, forcing Red Arrow to pursue. During this pursuit, Cheshire was seen using weapons. Shouldn’t the police check her person for any weapons before locking her up?
4.Is Superman the only league member who knows Batman’s secret identity?
5.In “Schooled”, why is Superboy wearing a helmet while riding his motorcycle? I thought he was indestructible.

Greg responds...

1. No. Miss Martian did it, while Superboy initially had Sportsmaster's attention.

2. Don't take Klarion, of all "people", too literally.

3. These were provided by Sportsmaster, post-escape.

4. No.

5. He was undercover. And there are helmet laws.

Response recorded on October 26, 2011