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Kat writes...

Hi Greg, first I'd like to say that you are doing a FANTASTIC job with young justice, and I don't say that about every show. But I would like to ask a few questions just clear up my confusion if you don't mind.
1. In young justice, is Hawkwoman the same as hawkgirl? I know that in young justice she's supposed to be hawkwoman, and so if they aren't the same, is it possible that hawkgirl could be a side-kick of hawkwoman? (sorry if it's a spoiler request)
2. When I first saw the Justice League movie, the one where all of the super heroes come together for the first time, Matian Manhunter and stated that he was the last of his kind and he came to Earth to warn everyone about the invaders, who killed his people, that they were coming for Earth. So how is it possible that Miss Martian could be alive, and her sisters that she said she has in episode 6, when the Martian race had been whipped out? (except for Martian Manhunter of course)
3. When you add team members to the team, is it possible for you to be able to make your own character, or does it have to be one that already exists in DC Universe?
4. How come Black Canary doesn't have a side-kick?
Thank you for your time. Sorry if any of these are spoiler alerts.

Greg responds...

1. On Earth-16, there is no Hawkgirl. Only Hawkwoman.

2. Totally different continuity. We're not in continuity with any previous movie or series or comic book - EXCEPT our companion comic book.

3. Anything's possible.

4. Not everyone does.

Response recorded on October 26, 2011