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Gothic-Cowboy writes...

Hello, Mr. Weisman. Thank you for opening the ask a question function. I'll try not to waste your time.
1. In Young Justice #2, when Superman, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Wonder Woman, Hawkwoman, Aquaman, and Green Arrow show up, the Joker says "The gangs all here." This seems to imply that, along with the already present Batman, Flash, Hawkman, and Martian Manhunter, these ten characters constituted the League's membership. Since designators 01-07 were taken by the founders and Green Arrow is 08, by process of elimination the Hawkfolk must be 09 and 10. If I'm right, would you please clarify which of them is 09 and which is 10?
2. Also, concerning Young Justice #1 & #2:
a)Were these events set before or after the League "went public."
b)Was Batman the leader yet?
3. In Young Justice #6, Robin's revised origin featured six members of the Flying Graysons, instead of the three I'm used to seeing (four, counting his older brother in Batman Forever, when he's tragically orphaned at the age of thirty). What considerations went into the decision to increase the scope of Dick's tragedy?
4. In Young Justice #7, we see that Artemis put together her own superhero costume. I had previously assumed that it was something new she'd put together after becoming Green Arrow's "niece." Why did her constume suggest the Green Arrow so strongly, since it was before she'd been added to the Team?
5. In Bereft, Batman mentions the League's Charter. Clearly, this Charter, in some way, represents a delegation of power to the League to combat certain threats, but just what does it entail?
a)Does the League operate under the authority of an outside body, or is it autonomous?
b)Where does the League's operating capital come from? I mean, Bruce and Ollie are rich, but they can't pay for everything. Do they receive outside funding, patents on velcro, or t-shirt and toy sales?
c)Does the League's charter include by-laws governing how the League conducts business? Things like electing a leader, inducting new members and other organizational protocol?
6. How far in the League's confidence is Catherine Cobert? Does she know about the Watchtower, for instance?
7. Among the League's founders, on what basis were their numerical designators assigned?
8. Are Hawkwoman and Hawkman married on Earth-16?
9. From a logistics standpoint, who maintains the Hall of Justice and, more importantly, the secret Watchtower?
10. Is Sportsmaster a part of the League of Shadows? He didn't bow to Ra's al Ghul like Cheshire did.

Thank you for your time.

Greg responds...

1. All your assumptions are correct, but the policy is NOT to reveal designations... mostly to preserve the game.

2a. Before.
2b. The leadership rotates. Batman may have been leader a couple times over the League's history.

3. Felt right.

4. She admired him from a distance.

5a. It's autonomous but it has relationships with the United Nations and the U.S. government.
5b. Ollie is not rich. Bruce is. Beyond that, I'm not going into it at this time.
5c. Yes.

6. Yes.

7. The order they showed up to battle the first menace that they fought as a group, before the League had even been formed.

8. Yes.

9. Depends what you mean by "maintain".

10. Not currently. He's got larger responsibilities.

Response recorded on October 26, 2011