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Anonymous writes...

1. How did Lex become bald?

2. Why did you use a fake asian country instead of Korea for targets?

3. Why did ya'll make young justice take place in one of the 52 eaths?

4. Why do you put no comment on some of the questions?

5. Is Martian Manhunter afraid of fire?

6. When did superman ship landed on Earth?

7. Who was the Green Lantern in Krypton space sector when Krypton blew up?

Greg responds...

1. Well, at this point, I think he shaves.

2. Korea didn't fit. Rhelasia's a real country on Earth-16.

3. As opposed to?

4. To avoid spoilers.

5. The way I'm afraid of bullets, sure.

6. 32 years ago.

7. I'd have to research that.

Response recorded on October 26, 2011