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Anonymous writes...

I have a couple questions about the team's families. I'm trying to stick to background-y things, but I apologize if they get too spoilery.

1) How would Wally address the Garricks? Jay and Joan, Uncle Jay and Aunt Joan, Mr. Garrick and Mrs. Garrick, Moose and Squirrel...?

2) In the tie-in comic, Dick's narration is that his uncle can't take care of him, and that's why Bruce took him in. Can you elaborate on the specific nature of his uncle's injuries? Is he comatose, mostly paralyzed, something else?

3) The same issue reveals Dick's cousin was named John. In most continuities I'm familiar with, "John Grayson" is the name of Dick's father, and Dick's own middle name is John. Was this cousin named after Dick's father, or does Dick's father have a different name on Earth-16? Can you tell us the names of Dick's parents, aunt, and uncle?

4) How old is Alfred, and did he raise Bruce in Earth-16 continuity?

5) In the tie-in comic, Artemis's parents seemed to have had a once-affectionate, now-distant relationship. Her mother tells her father that he's 'out' if he doesn't change his lifestyle--is she planning to file for divorce, or are they just separating?

6) And... not really a family member to anyone but being their teacher totally counts here: does the Earth-16 Black Canary wear a wig, dye her hair, or is she just a natural blonde?

Thank you for your time, both working on the show and answering inane questions!

Greg responds...

1. I like "Moose and Squirrel" but no, I think Uncle Jay and Aunt Joan are probably more appropriate.


3. Dick's father's name was John. His mother was Mary. And, yes, Cousin John was named after Dick's father. Dick's uncle is named Richard - Rick for short. (Dick was named for his own uncle, obviously - the two elder Grayson brothers were very close.) Dick's aunt was named Karla.

4. Alfred is 64. And he was present during Bruce's childhood, but one of his great regrets is that he refrained from parenting Bruce. At the time, he thought it wasn't his place and maintained the distance of a proper English Butler. Now, he believes he made a grave mistake. He's treated/treats Dick VERY differently. And he treats Bruce differently now too.


6. A gentleman doesn't tell.

Response recorded on October 31, 2011