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O Arkley writes...

Hi Greg, just watched Targets and congratulations on taking part in the making of a great show!

1. What do the other students at the school think about Megan and Connor? Do they think they're strange?

2. What is the school called?

3. Will you be showing more scenes within the school?

4. How did Aqualad get to Rhelasia so quickly?

5. How did Superboy know so much about Rhelasia?

6. How does the "stealth tech" work?

Thanks in advance!

Greg responds...

1. They think they're new kids. Opinions vary.

2. Happy Harbor High School.

3. Yes.

4. He didn't go to Rhelasia. The talks were ABOUT North and South Rhelasia, but they were being held in Taipei. And he got there by Zeta-Tube.

5. His G-Gnome education contained plenty of history and current events.

6. Quite well, I think.

Response recorded on October 31, 2011