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Zorkel567 writes...

Hi, I find Young Justice a wonderful TV Series with such great characters and chemistry. I'm eagerly awaiting more new epsiodes. I just had a couple questions.

1. With Seaso 2 only having 20 episodes, has a season 3 been discussed at all?

2. Do you have an age for Paula Crock? Is so, how old is she?

3. How old is Sportsmaster?

4. Did you know iTunes still has the incorrect version of Drop Zone? Is there any chance this'll be fixed?

5. Are either Guy Gardner or Kyle Raynar Green Lanterns on Earth 16?

6. Do you have a list of the designations for the sixteen Justice League memebers that you could reveal? Like how Batman 02, and Red Tornado is 16. Can you reveal that?


Greg responds...

1. Not yet.

2. Haven't I answered this? Oh, well, 48.

3. I KNOW I've answered this. Please check the ASK GREG YOUNG JUSTICE ARCHIVES.

4. I didn't know. But if so, it's frustrating. Hopefully, if it hasn't been fixed already, it will get fixed very soon.


6. I have the list, but as ALREADY STATED, I'm choosing not to reveal it, because I think it's more fun for people to find out for themselves.

In the future, please check the archives BEFORE posting your questions.

Response recorded on October 31, 2011