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Laurel writes...

First of all, I LOVE YOUNG JUSTICE! I think that it is really great, and I'm so glad that new episodes are coming :)
I just have a few questions:

1) Is Hawkwoman supposed to be Hawkgirl? If so, why do you call her "Hawkwoman"?

2) If Wonder Girl were on come onto the show, would you use Donna Troy or Cassie?

3) I know on YouTube there are a lot of fanmade videos of Young Justice. Have you seen any? If you have, do you like them?

Thank you for your time and keep up the good work :)\


Greg responds...

1. Hawkwoman is Hawkwoman. That's why we call her Hawkwoman. There is no Hawkgirl on Earth-16.


3. I haven't.

Response recorded on October 31, 2011