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Josh Christie - Glendale, AZ writes...

Hi Greg-- just a couple brief items. I wanted to comment that I think you and your team are doing an exceptional job with the Young Justice comic book which I don't think is getting the appreciation it deserves. It not only fills in a lot of character gaps that there is not time to get into on the show but it works around all of the plots/arcs of the show without spoiling or repeating them. The most amazing thing is if you only watch the show or only read the comic, neither experience is ruined as they both present themselves in a self-contained manner while also being a constant, evolving continuation. That is a fine balancing act that is not easy to pull off but as someone who both watches the show and reads the comic, the full experience of both really has brought this property to life and I am very glad it is going to be around for awhile. Without a solid DC show since Justice League ended and the Gargoyle property on hiatus, it is very exciting to have your working on a project that brings all of the elements that made Gargoyle's so special to the DC Universe. Thank you to you and your team for all the hard work-- please keep it up!!

Two quick questions:

1) Can you please get back in the habit of posting the credits for each episode after they air since it appears Cartoon Network is still going to split screen them into oblivion? I really enjoy seeing who does all of the voice work on the show.

2) Speaking of that, any possibility over the course of the this season and the next that Keith David will be tapped to play any kind of role on the show?

Greg responds...

THanks for the kind words about the comic. That's exactly what we're attempting to do with it.

1. I never got out of the habit. I've been posting credits as soon after a new episode airs as I can possibly find the time.


Response recorded on October 31, 2011