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spence writes...

1) How important is it for the plot to keep the identity of the Light members a secret? And what lengths do you go to to enforce it? I mean, when you put a dome-shaped figure speaking with a thick French accent, you are just begging for it... :)

2) Is the mystery of their identities something conceived specifically for the less comic-savvy target demographics?

3) Is the anonymity of each member equally important as of the rest, or are some more important to the plot than others?

I must say that I quite enjoy this trope. It's quite exiting. But it's been only 10 episodes, and fans have figured out 6 out of 7 members of the group. (Personally I had guessed 5 -- good job with L-3. I didn't see it coming, somehow. Mark Rolston's cadence in "Targets" was different from "Fireworks," which totally blindsided me).

Greg responds...

1. We wanted to play fair and offer hints without being definitive - until episode 114.

2. Both, I guess.

3. Nope.

Response recorded on October 31, 2011