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Dragomir writes...

Hi Greg,
Usually I ask questions about gargoyles, but I've been getting deep into "Young Justice" recently and would like to ask some questions about Miss Martian, and martians in general I guess, lol. I like how M'gann hasn't mastered all her martian powers yet since it gives her potential for character development, but, I've noticed that she and Martian Manhunter may lack some of the powers they had in the comics altogether. To get to the point I guess, do Martians in DC universe 16 still possess super strength, heat/laser vision, and invulnerability like Kryptonians? I personally always liked how the martians were one of the few races who could realistically match a kryptonian blow for blow and possibly win (though of course heat/fire was always an issue).

At any rate, if you did indeed remove or alter some of the martian's skill sets, may I ask why?

P.S. keep up the good work on the show, its been very entertaining so far and I actually enjoy some aspects of it better than I do in the comicbook versions :D

Greg responds...

In the "Earth-16 Universe":

Martians are stronger than humans, but not even in the ballpark with Kryptonians. Martian Manhunter, for obvious reasons, is stronger than Miss Martian. Density plays a role here too.

Martians are not invulnerable, though their shape-shifting abilities make healing easier, and, again, they are denser than humans - though, again, not nearly as dense as a Kryptonian.

No vision powers.

As to the why, it was about us deciding to go back to the character's original power levels. When J'onn was first introduced, he was unique. As time passed, writers, artists and editors kept augmenting his powers (and even his origin) making him more and more Kryptonian. But I've got a Kryptonian (plus a clone) in the series already. I really didn't need two more.

Plus Martian powers are already incredibly formidable. We decided early on to break them down into two basic categories:

1. The physical. They are shape-shifters, which allows them to change form, alter their volume and density (though never their mass), etc. With practice, this becomes an incredibly versatile and potent trait.

2. The mental. They are psychic and telekinetic. This allows them to control their shape-shifting clothes (and even M'gann's shape-shifting Bio-Ship). It also allows them to communicate psychically. And their telekinesis, which is very formidable, allows them to simulate Superman's flight.

Really, with all that, did they really need the ability to go "blow for blow" with a Kryptonian?

Response recorded on November 28, 2011