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spence writes...

What ranks comprise The Light? Are the main seven the top-tier? Are they "leaders" or "members" or "founders"? What are their affiliates referred as? "Operative"? "Soldiers"?

Do operatives/soldiers like Sensei and Psimon know the identities of ALL the "L"s? If not, then how come would they work for seven people whose identities they do not know?

Greg responds...

1. There are seven leaders of the Light.

Below that there are allies and operatives and individuals with specific skills.

Below that there are minions, etc.

2. No.

2a. Sensei works for Ra's al Ghul. If Ra's tells him to do X, who is Sensei to balk, just because he doesn't know the identity of Sensei's six allies. Same for Psimon vis-a-vis Queen Bee.

There is, however, a VERY SMALL group of individuals that work with the Light that do know the identity of all seven. But you could count those individuals on one hand.

Response recorded on December 09, 2011