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JSA Fan writes...

Greg, as a long-time DC comics and animation fan, I've always enjoyed the
legacy aspect of the characters.
I liked the Teen Titans and Infinity, Inc. characters and their connections to the older characters. With a grandfather who served in the Pacific in the Second World War, I particularly gravitated to the All-Star Squadron and JSA characters and books as a child.

Do you have a favorite JSA character from the older books and from the more recent
ones? Any chance of additional significant JSA appearances, like Kent Nelson, or at least cameos, like Jay Garrick? Or possibly some occasional references?

Also, most League members have, or will have an equivalent sidekick(s), potential successor, or someone that they could train individually. Most are obvious. I am going under the assumption that there is or will be a Marvel Family, and that Hal and John could help train Corps recruits. Canary and Tornado have their roles with the team; but do they, the Hawks, and Captain Atom have their own individual sidekicks/trainees outside of the League?

Thanks for an amazing job, Greg. You and your crew have pulled me in from the first episode, with great stories, new interpretations of characters and characters that have never or rarely been animated (like Mr. Lucas Carr). Keep up the great work!

Greg responds...

Jay is definitely going to play a significant role down the line. So will Doctor Fate. Other JSA or A-SS characters will play in too... though we don't have a ton of room for them in the series. But expect to see more of them in the comics.

Your questions about sidekicks for Black Canary, etc. is a SPOILER REQUEST. NO RESPONSE.

Thanks for the kind words.

Response recorded on December 09, 2011