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The Batfan writes...

Hi, Greg! I'm really liking Young Justice so far - it's one of the best-animated and possibly the best-written adaptation of DC Comics material in television. I am eagerly awaiting episode 12!

If you'll indulge my curiosity, I have a few questions about little details in the show:

1. I Sensei is really the father of Ra's al Ghul (as the Young Justice Wiki claims has been revealed in the comics, to which I unfortunately have no access), then is he also centuries old, and, if so, does he use the same "method" Ra's does of prolonging his lifespan? Also, does he know that his son is a member of the Light?

2. In "Independence Day," Mr. Freeze fights the Dynamic Duo with a large "ice gun" of sorts; similarly, Captain Cold uses a ice pistol against the Dashing Dyad in the same episode. However, in "Terrors," both villains - along with Icicle Sr., who, as far as I'm aware, also uses technology to create cold - are able to generate cold without equipment. How exactly is this achieved (and does it have something to do with the "parts" Dr. Strange helped them smuggle in?)

3. For that matter, when taken to Waller, Mr. Freeze didn't seem to have overridden his collar's function, since it still zapped him; how, then was he still able to generate cold in order to beat back the guard and break it?

Thanks so much, and looking forward to more Young Justice!

Greg responds...

1. Sensei is not the father of Ra's al Ghul on Earth-16.

2. They are using equipment. Look again. And yes, it's the parts smuggled in.

3. It was tech, not inherent. Look more carefully.

Response recorded on December 12, 2011