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thisguyisnotcool writes...

Hey Greg big fan of SpecSpider Man and YJ, you and Brandon are doing a great job!
Anywho the questions
1.What are the birthdates of the Young Justice 6 + Red Arrow?
2.How long have Iris and Barry been married?
3.How long has Mercy been Lex's bodyguard?
4. How did you determine the personalities of each of the characters?(It be cool if you really went in depth with this)
5.Who was a Green Lantern first Guy or John?
6. What is Wally's best field in Science?
7.Are Wally's powers really hard to control or master?
8.Besides being an Acrobat, did Robin learn anything else in the Circus?
9.How long have Rocket and Icon been heroes?
10.Who is the hardest character to write on the show?
11.What subject do each of the kids excel at?
12. Is Robin the most famous sidekick?(being first and all)
13. How come Black Adam, Atomic Skull, and Ultra-Huminite didn't say anything in the episode 14?
Some weird stuff!
1. Fans on the Internet found out that on August 16 "Targets" would air on September 16,some more number 16 weird, eh.
2. In episode 109 Robin noticed it was September and asked "what happen to March." This episode aired in March and we didn't see the next on until September
Thanks for answering my questions and hope you have fun working on the show!

Greg responds...

1. I haven't nailed all of them down specifically. Mostly, I just know what years they were born.

2. I haven't nailed that down specifically.

3. Ditto.

4. Generally, we look at the source material and try to hone down to the most basic core element of his or her personality. Then we build back up/extrapolate from here.

5. Hal.

6. Biology, but he's good at chemistry, physics, etc. too.

7. You try it.

8. Sure.

9. Since May.

10. No one character is hard to write. What's hard is HOW MANY there are to juggle. (Director Tim Divar just said: "Sphere." But he may have been joking.)

11. Conner - History. Megan - English. Wally - Biology. Dick - Math. Artemis - Spanish. Kaldur - Combat Sorcery.

12. Yes.

13. The honest truth is we couldn't AFFORD to have everyone speak. (Actors, strangely, expect payment when they do voices. Who knew?)

Response recorded on January 11, 2012