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Todd Jensen writes...

Something that I've occasionally wondered about "Pendragon". Unlike the rest of the spin-offs (except maybe "New Olympians", which had connections to Greek mythology in its core concept in that the New Olympians are descended from the gods and monsters of classical myth), which were primarily based on the elements of the Gargoyles Universe ("Dark Ages" and "Gargoyles 2198" with the Wyvern clan's past and future, "Timedancer" with Brooklyn, and "Bad Guys" with some of the gargoyles' former antagonists), "Pendragon" appears based more on a "pre-existing mythology" (the Arthurian cycle), involving the return of King Arthur to the modern world. Of the five major characters that we know of in the projected spin-off (Arthur, Griff, Blanchefleur, Merlin, and Duval/Percival), all of them except for Griff are figures from the legend (though Percival is here the head of the Illuminati, a "Gargoyles" rather than Arthurian element). We do know that Griff would probably have stuck around as one of Arthur's knights for the duration of the series (and of their lives), and that a gargoyle clan would spring up at New Camelot when Arthur finally founds it (though I doubt that that would happen for a good long while in the spin-off if it had ever been made), but aside from that, the focus seems more on the Arthurian survivors (though we don't know as yet how large a role you'd planned for the other four survivors - the Lady of the Lake, Morgana, Nimue, and the Green Knight - in the series).

Did you primarily imagine "Pendragon" as more of a "return of Arthur" story that simply happened to be set in the Gargoyles Universe, or would "Gargoyles Universe" elements (as in, elements specifically created in the series, such as the gargoyles) have played about an equal role with the Arthurian aspects of it?

Greg responds...

I don't have a quota in mind. But I guess the answer is both.

Certainly, it was a "Return of the King" story set in the present of the Gargoyles Universe.

But I think one of the strengths of the Gargoyles Universe is its interconnectivity. So elements, like the Illuminati, the Gargoyles and Macbeth would have definitely entered into stories of the Questing Beast and the Holy Grail, and vice versa, etc.

Response recorded on May 16, 2003