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Anonymous writes...

Greetings Mr. Weisman, I've been deeply enjoying your Young Justice Series, one of my fave shows on TV at the moment (love what ya did with alot of the characters and story elements, Kobra venom is SCARY STUFF). I'd like to ask you...

1) Do Starfire, Redhood AKA Jason Todd, Beastboy, Cyborg, Deathstroke, and Blackfire all exist in Earth/Universe 16?

2) How did you decide which villains to use for the Injustice League & the Inner Circle of the Light? I must confess I was more impressed by the Injustice League's roster, which seemed rather well balanced in terms of skill sets, than the Light's roster, which pretty much consists of schemers, mad scientists, and greedy dictators/rich guys. I was kinda hoping the Light's council would consist of the arch villains of each of the Justice League's founding members, ya know, like Joker for Batman (poor Mr. J got screwed over lol), Lex for Superman (happy to see him again >8D), Cheetah for Wonderwoman, Sinestro for Green Lantern, etc, etc. I mean, I get Lex & Ghul, but the rest of the Light's lineup seems to consist of lesser villains most people outside the DC comic fanbase wouldn't recognize, or who wouldn't be construed as top tier villains who'd make even the heroes nervous to see working in concert (especially the Brain XD). So yeah, what made you decide to delegate which villains to the "fall guys" team & the others to the "masterminds" team?

Thanks for your time and keep up the awesome work on the show, you rule :D

Greg responds...


2. Lots of considerations went into the formation of both groups.

We came up with the Light first, from a list of easily 100+ DC villains. Most of the choices were fairly obvious to us, but we did try to create balance. But it was not about powers with them. You're notion of a major villain from each founding Leaguer's rogue's gallery had absolutely NOTHING to do with our process at all. So the fact that you fell in love with that notion and were disappointed when it didn't turn out to be true is something I just can't control - or even concern myself with. But I wouldn't characterize any of them as "lesser villains".

For the Injustice League, we went back to the same list and grabbed a nice range of heavy-hitters with a nice range of powers, particularly abilities that fit with their scheme and would create believable proxies to fool the League into ignoring the Light. Totally different mindset in building this second set of villains.

Response recorded on January 16, 2012