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WayneTechOverRideRG4 writes...

i am in love with this show i even had a young justice cake for my birthday and a home'made robin cosplay(batman and robin are may favorite heroes), anyway i have some questions and would love it if you would respond
1.who knows robin's past?
2.who knows artimis' past?
3.are any of the other batkids in this virsion or is Dick the only bird in batman's nest?
4.why does robin destroy the english langage
5.will anyone else join the team?
6. at what age did robin lose his parents?start being robin?
i understand if most of my questions are spoilers but answer what you can please

Greg responds...

1. Depends what you mean. Batman, Robin & Alfred, of course. Kid Flash knows quite a bit.

2. Again, it depends what you mean. Artemis, Cheshire, their father and Paul, of course. Batman, Green Arrow and Black Canary know quite a bit. Robin's figured a lot of it out.

3. If I understand your question correctly, then, yes. Dick is the only Robin.

4. He doesn't. He plays with it. It fascinates him.



Response recorded on January 18, 2012