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Anonymous writes...

1. Who knows barry secret id?

2. Who knows hal secret id?

3. Who knows Clark kent secret id?

4. Have any of the main 7 leagures worked together before joining the league?

5. Are the gotham cops corrupt?

6. Were superman, batman, and the other super heroes when they first appeared on the scene considered outlaws?

7. After the 50's did jay garrick ever fought any supervillians?

8. How old is the atomic skull and what's his oroigin story?

9. Besides the league who knows about the team?

10. Are hal and barry friends?

11. What are the leagures religions?

Greg responds...

I haven't given most of this any thought. These answers are off the top of my head, and I won't be held to them, if I change my mind.

1. Iris, Jay, Joan, Wally, Rudy, Mary, most of the League.

2. Barry, Bruce, Clark, Diana, J'onn, Orin, Ollie, Diana. John. Maybe Thom.

3. Bruce, Diana, J'onn, Barry, Hal, Orin.

4. Superman and Batman, once. Flash and Green Lantern once.

5. All of them? No.

6. Some were, some were not.

7. Yes.

8. I'm not getting into his origin at this time, but he's 28 years old.

9. Alfred, Mera, Orm, Rudy, Mary, Iris, Dubbilex, Guardian, Paula, plus the Light and various affiliates thereof.

10. Yep.

11. I'd have to do some research and heavy thinking on this question. Mostly, I just don't know. But most are Christians by heritage if not in practice. The obvious exceptions are Aquaman & Wonder Woman, who are pagans and Martian Manhunter, who worships the gods of M'arzz. Red Tornado is studying multiple religions. I also know from writing the comic book that Captain Atom was raised Catholic, even if he doesn't practice it much. Zatara's probably Catholic too. Hawkman & Hawkwoman worship whatever religion people worship on Thanagar. I think that covers it.

Response recorded on January 20, 2012