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Eagle-Owl writes...

Hey, just a few questions about YJ's Vandal Savage:

1) How did you guys decide on Vandal Savage being the leader of The Light? I almost expected Lex Luthor to be the leader until I saw Targets.

2) How did you guys decide on Miguel Ferrer's voice being used for Vandal Savage? He is a great voice actor, he's obviously doing his job here well, and I've seen a couple of his roles (Shan Yu, Silvermane) and thought they were impressive, but I couldn't have seen him voicing Vandal Savage until after I saw Revelations.

3) Nice scars on Vandal Savage's face. Is that a deliberate reference to the Hunters from Gargoyles? Or is there something else behind them that would compel you to give me the dreaded "NO COMMENT"?

Greg responds...

1. Vandal is first among equals. The Light was his idea. And he's the oldest.

2. I think Jamie, Brandon and I all just thought that Miguel is tough to beat for this kind of thing. I vaguely feel like I was the one who suggested him for the role in the first place, but that may just be me taking credit for a great idea.

3. Phil Bourassa came up with the scars in his orignial design for the character, declaring they were the result of a fight with a cave bear. They have nothing to do with GARGOYLES.

Response recorded on January 20, 2012