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Curious writes...

Hi, just wanted you to know that:

I appreciate how the episodes both stand alone and were written so that plot points are intricately woven together.

I appreciate how the episodes focus on various characters in shifts so we can explore different aspects of their personalities.

I am excited by character development, the strength of each script, and the animation is very well done.

I love the fact that I look forward to learning or seeing both the villains and the heroes.

I am astounded by the amount of work that you and your team puts in Young Justice. Thanks for making such a great show. It has been a long time since I've seen a show that has me anticipating and looking forward to each and every new episode. I loved Gargoyles as a kid, enjoyed Spiderman, W.I.T.C.H. and various other projects you've worked on.

1)How closely do you work with the various directors of the episodes?

2)Since you've put so much into the show, do you still make a lot of the calls regarding the visual elements of the show?

3)When scripting the episodes, is the overall ending for the season known for you guys?

I know that you look over scripts and that you and Brandon created the show, but I suppose I'm just curious about how much influence you have in other aspects of the show, such as the animation.

Thanks for your time!

Greg responds...

1. Very. Brandon and I attend all board handouts, and give notes on storyboards and work with the directors on the designs, etc.

2. Yes. Both Brandon and I are involved with and approve literally every design - from major characters like Superboy to tiny props like soda cans.

3. Yes.

4. Brandon and I both look over the scripts. I edit them, but both of us are involved in every aspect of production from start to finish.

Response recorded on January 25, 2012