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Pheonix writes...

Dear Greg,
I grew up watching gargoyles and now I absolutely LOVE young justice. I could praise your work for hours but I figure you have better things to do with your time then read about how awesome you are (I am sure you already know.) Thank you for taking time to answer our questions, you are the best!
1) the show seems very focused on trust it seems like the team was even formed based off of the idea that there mentors did not "trust" them. During "alpha male" they talk about trust within the team. Which raises the question, why do they not care that robin does not trust them with his secret ID? Yes I know, that they know batman won't let him but the first two episodes and the most recent one (Humanity) seem to show that they tend to not always take the league members orders seriously, especially if they don't like them. so why do they respect this specific order?
I understand that this could be a spoiler please don't think I am fishing I know that I am treading in spoiler waters here but I am in no way trying to spoil something I know you guys work so hard on! I know I said I would not waste your time with my love of the show, but I have seen so much negative about Artemis and Aqualad that I wanted to let you know that I absolutely love both of them, they are my favorite characters even though I love them all!! =D
thank you for your time!!

Greg responds...

1. Aqualad is extremely respectful of authority. And I think Kid Flash likes being the only one who knows. Artemis has her own secrets, so wouldn't be one to push Robin, and Superboy only recently took a human identity himself, so I don't think he spends too much time thinking about Robin's real name. That just leaves Miss Martian... but I just don't see her taking this as a slight.

Response recorded on January 25, 2012