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Zergrinch writes...

Hi Greg:

Fifteen episodes in, and I am anticipating the series even more than I anticipated the previous JLU shows. I really love the tight continuity interwoven in the series, and am seriously tempted to look into your previous animated works. I'm a bit embarrassed to admit I have never followed Gargoyles!

Anyway, my questions focus on foreign-sounding words used in "Revelations".

1. Like Zatanna, Zatara's spells are english words pronounced backwards. I believe he had four spells in the episode. I've managed to decipher two (I think, but corrections are appreciated!) but am curious to know what the others are:

a. Locating Injustice League HQ - Etacol retnecipe fo yrecros
b. Making the vines combust - Erif [something] larutannu erutan
c. Putting a force field around a plant - Reirrab [something]
d. Blasting Woten - Ekat Natow nwod

2. Wotan's spells, I'm told, are in latin. One of them (blasting Dr. Fate) was "Fulminous Venite". Would you be at liberty to reveal what he said the other two times (energizing Ivy's 'baby,' and breaking Fate's chains?

Thank you!

Greg responds...


Response recorded on January 25, 2012