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Night Wonder writes...

Hi Greg, I love Young Justice! Humanity was a good episode, still not better than Revelation though. Anyway, I have to say that I really loved that Zatanna was a teen and I have a couple of questions about it:

1- Did you or whoever the idea was decided to make her a teen so there could be a hint of something that might happen between her and a member of the Team, Robin the obvious case?
2-How old is Zatanna? And what's the probability that she appears again? High, poor, none?
3-Same about Barbara Gordon. Probability that she re-appears? High, poor, none?
4-I know Robin doesn't have a love interest in Season 1, what about season 2?
5-In episode failsafe, there will be an alien invation. Can you tell me from what planet or galaxy?
About the voice talents of the show.
6-How much is true about Kari Wahlgren voicing Hawkgirl in the future? If she will I can't wait to hear it!
7-Who would you or Jamie Thomason (casting and Voice Director) consider to voice Hal Jordan and Wonder Woman?
8-About Wonder Woman. Why didn't she appear in 'Revelaton'?
9-By any chance, since Khary Payton voices Aqualad and Tara Strong did Dr. Roquette in 'Infiltrator', would Greg Cipes, Hynden Walch and Scott Menville voice some character in the serie too? I don't lose anything asking that.

10-According to designation numbers Wonder Woman would be 03, Wally is B03 and Zatanna is A03. What does the 'B' and the 'A' mean? I'm more curious about Zatanna's case.

I think that's all. Thanks for your time. I hope you don't have problems with this questions.

Greg responds...

1. That wasn't the reason, just a side benefit. The main reason was that we had a generational father-daughter dynamic that was built into the DC Universe that we wanted to exploit and explore. Most of our adult/teen relationships aren't strictly parental. This one was.

2. Once again, she's FOURTEEN!! And by now, hopefully, you saw that she did appear again.

3. Again, by now you've seen that she's reappeared.

4. You KNOW he doesn't? That's impressive. In any case, SPOILER REQUEST - NO COMMENT.

5. By now, you've seen it. But seriously, think about this question. Given the length of the queue here, was there any point in asking it? I mean the episode was airing ONE WEEK after Humanity. Was there EVER a chance that I'd get to this question before you saw for yourself? And if I had - if by some miracle, I managed to answer your question during that one week period, my answer would have been "SPOILER REQUEST - NO COMMENT". So why clutter the queue?

TIME OUT - I've lurked occasionally on a few sites, and I see I get the occasional criticism for being rude here at ASK GREG. I also get just as many if not more defenders, who sympathize with my plight. But I want to make it clear that I don't want to be rude. That "rude" is NOT the tone I'm going for. Occasionally, I drop what we refer to here as a "Smart-Ass Response". And there's no doubt that I occasionally find myself exasperated by the questions when I've REPEATEDLY requested that (a) that posters check the archives before posting, (b) that they check the queue for the questions posted ahead of them before posting and (c) that they not ask for spoilers. And despite these fairly simple requests, I get constant appeals for Spoilers and constantly repeated questions. I mean, how many times has someone asked Zatanna's age? It's certainly easy enough to type "14" but it's frustrating. And I do get frustrated. But the tone I'm going for is exasperated, not rude. Of course, the internet is notorious for not quite making one's intended tone clear. So to anyone who feels I've been rude, I apologize. Okay, TIME IN.

6. There's no Hawkgirl on Earth-16. If you're talking about Hawkwoman - SPOILER REQUEST. NO COMMENT.



9. YOU don't lose anything, but I lose time that could be spent answering other questions, see? SPOILER REQUEST. NO COMMENT.

10. B is the designation for the Team. As for A - ASKED AND ANSWERED. (I'm pretty sure B is ASKED AND ANSWERED TOO, BUT MAYBE NOT.)

I thought your first question was great. The other nine... not so much. Please follow the simple guidelines in the future.

Response recorded on January 26, 2012