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Katara Kane writes...

Hey Greg! First of all, I love Young Justice! I have their DVDs and their poster. Plus I have every episode on my tape and I watch it over, and over, and over, and over till the next Friday. Just have a few questions if that's okay.
P.S:I understand if these are spoilers.
1. Why doesn't Kaldur go to school?
2. Exactly how old is Zatanna?
3. What is the relationship between Robin and Barbra? (But I understand if it's a spoiler, just wondering how she'd act if he liked Zatanna)
4. So in Homefront, Artemis' sister left because of their dad what exactly did he do, I mean, come on, it's already noted that Cheshire is her sister and that he trained her and Artemis to be assasins, but why did she leave if she's already one in the future?

Greg responds...

1. He completed his standard schooling, and dropped out of the Conservatory of Sorcery to become Aquaman's protege.

2. <sigh> 14.


4. The short answer is that he was emotionally and verbally abusive.

Response recorded on January 26, 2012