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Marvelman writes...

After watching "Humanity" I have two questions.

1) What was/is your vision for Zatanna's personality? She seemed shy at first, but as the episode progressed she became more playful and outgoing. Is the demure schoolgirl routine an act for dad? Or does she still lack some self-confidence?

2) You have said that at least some members of the Justice League know Captain Marvel's true identity. That being the case, why is he with the Justice League as opposed to the kids?

Greg responds...

1. I really shouldn't answer this, because I should let the episodes stand on their own, but I guess I'm in the mood. The 'demure schoolgirl routine' is, to some extent, an act for her dad. I don't really think she lacks self-confidence, though I think she's fairly objective about her own magical abilities at this stage, and doesn't want them overstated. I also think she was less shy when she was first introduced than she was... bored.

2. Have I said that? Really? Well, in any case, SPOILER REQUEST. NO COMMENT.

Response recorded on January 26, 2012